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Correspondence about mounting the 100mm D-10T Gun on "JS" tanks (Letter 2)

Top Secret

To the People's Commissar of Weapons of the USSR
Comrade D.Ustinov.

Following your order, reporting about replacement of the D-25 with the D-10 on the "JS" tank:

1. Taking into account the better rate of fire of the D-10 compared to the D-25, due to fixed ammo, replacement is expedient, though only if good AP ammo is developed.

As of today, we haven't any informatiopn about manufacturing 100 mm AP ammo.

2. We think that the D-25 gun must remain. Latest trials on the ANIOP proving ground have proven its rate of fire to be 4-6 shots per minute. Results are good.

3. In August-September, the Factory will finish all preparations for manufacture of the D-10T gun.

4. In October-November, the manufacture have switched over completely to the D-10T, instead of the D-25. In October, the Factory's output of the D-10T may be set at 150 guns, in November - 250 guns.

5. To accomplish this order, the Factory needs an additional four 600x6000 lathes and two vertical-milling machines #6.

6. From October, the manufacture of the D-25S should be relocated from Factory #9 to Factory #75 or Factory #221.


Signed by:


Confirmed by: (signature) 8.VIII 1944

Translation: Valeri Potapov
Proof-read by: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sources: http://tank.uw.ru/archive/perepiska/index.khtml

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